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this award recognizes the admission counsellors in CSDE who establish first touch point with potential students, and help them make an informed choice. student counsellor connect 2021 CSDE is awarded for consistent achievement of targets coupled with high accuracy of onboarding the most deserving students

student connect counsellor 2021 CSDE

the final nominees are

The Nudge-30.png
Vinay Kumar PV.jpeg

Vinay Kumar PV

The Nudge-30.png
Shashikala MS.jpeg

Shashikala S

The Nudge-30.png
Ranjana Kalal.jpeg

Ranjana Kalal

The Nudge-30.png
Nandini PS.jpeg

Nandini PS

The Nudge-30.png
Shashikala S.jpeg

Shashikala MS

The Nudge-30.png
Nisha Kumari.jpeg

Nisha Kumari

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