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this award recognizes nudgesters who have been an inspiring team leaders for team members, demonstrated initiatives to solve team problems on their own and have actively promoted a culture of supportive and collaborative team work. it recognizes team leaders who have actively worked towards the growth and development of their team members and have gone beyond their role to help mentor peers inside/outside of the team

team leader 2021 CSDE

the final nominees are

The Nudge-30.png

Keerthika T

The Nudge-30.png
Chaitra Anu.jpeg

Chaitra Anu

The Nudge-30.png

Yaseen A

The Nudge-30.png
Md Arshad1.jpg

Md Arshad

The Nudge-30.png
Tejaswini J.jpeg

Tejaswini J

The Nudge-30.png
Melque Thomas.jpg

Melque Thomas

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