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this award recognizes new nudgesters in CSDE who jumped right in, carried a bias for action, sought opportunities actively to grow and consistently increase their radius of impact. nudgesters who not just met their expectations in their first year here, but actually beat it and positively surprised us. 

debutant 2021 CSDE

the final nominees are

The Nudge-30.png

Asmit Das

The Nudge-30.png
Md Arshad1.jpg

Md Arshad

The Nudge-30.png

Ruhi Gidwani

The Nudge-30.png

Poornima MS

The Nudge-30.png
Nimisha Kumar.jpeg

Nimisha Kumar

The Nudge-30.png
Tejaswini J.jpeg

Tejaswini J

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