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nudgester's happy moments

here is what nudgesters are saying about each other!

“One person that I have consistently seen raising her hand to support a fellow nudgester or to lead an initiative which needs a volunteer, despite her loaded desk. Be it hosting a track @ charcha or just talking to a fellow nudgester who seems to be under stress, covering it all beyond her mandate is what defines true nudgester spirit for me.”

“He is the best mentor I have ever come across in my 1 year journey.
He is very empathetic, logical and straightforward at the same time. I wish everyone has a TL like him. “

“He has improved leaps and bounds as a leader, was very critical in building Karnataka and North India tele calling team. Has created leaders under his mentorship like Abhijeet, Aishwarya, Vasantha etc.”

“He is good Team leader our team and good humanity”

“Friendly type, good character, helping mind and perfect team leader.”

“He is good Team leader our team and good humanity”

“She is very an
excellent role model.inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively.”

“She is helping others her performance good always she is active all the time. She never give up. She works hard.”

"He is very supporter. be an excellent role model demonstrate initiative .
inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively. promote a work environment that is respectful, and supportive."

“There's never a day gone when he was not there to solve our issues and bear us whining throughout the day. Inspite of having infinite responsibilities he always have time for us, the way he has engaged us a team is remarkable, the way he makes us understand any concept and helps us and reaches us out is really out of the way. He is a very important support system and an efficient as well as an amazing leader that we could ask for. Very proud and lucky to be a part of his team”

“He good understanding and supporting need manager like him.. Motivate more
Very knowledgeable and motivating person, guides us how to handle critical situations..and I always admire his way of working and like to follow it.”

“friendly, inspiring/go to person, great to interact with”

“She has uniquely understood the strengths, weakness, interests of all of us on the product team and has positioned us in a way that we take up responsibilities to work on our areas of development.
My OKR conversations with her are always insightful and I feel like I am able to reflect on my quarter very well and stitch together my learning journey.”

“Any doubt asked she's polite and response and perfect solution.”

“Has be an excellent role model
Has inspired others to work collaboratively and creatively
Has demonstrate initiative
Has always shown pride in The/Nudge and its work
Has been actively involved in mentorship and
development of others.

“All team members are super happy to have her as a manager. Puts the team first, then herself. The volume of work coming at the marketing team is quite high, since we cater to all impact streams + management. Akanksha has been a superstar in the way she balances requests from program/product heads while pacing things out for the team, keeping everyone happy. Very dependable. She's always THERE”

“ma'am is a wonderful Woman. she is helped me more to develop my career in Nudge. She is very calm, she is a very talented woman.”

“Always gives her 100%, and is a role model for all the nudgesters in terms of hard work and commitment.”

“Have always worked behind the scenes, have been instrumental in building the admissions reporting structure and build lead quantity and quality. Have been super helpful in solving issues related to invoices, Zoho etc.”

“Stepped in to take up additional responsibility when the team needed it the most. Program managed the launch of the 2 month model of the program with extremely high ownership. Stepped in to do the required analysis for reviewing the launch status and independently managed stakeholders across functions in the launch meetings.”

“understanding the need of student. good performance for last six months”

“I would like to nominate for her efforts she had taken to put ads in her own shop, also in insta and fb for the quality sign ups. She is always been the top performer, which shows her commitment towards work and also true to spirit of The/Nudge.”

“Took part in projects like Opening Ceremony, substitutions on her own. High ownership at work. The most innovative in conducting classes keeping student interest , benefit and liking at the centre.”

“always very positive when its about learning new things or sharing inputs and even taking feedbacks, very true to nudge spirit, honest effort when its about retaining any student(s), very consistent in classroom delivery ( overall score stands at 87.2%), very consistent in stepping ahead when its about conducting mock interview in batches during progression”

“She showed immense career growth as a trainer and now as a TL. She is energetic and innovative. Her class strategies are still useful and her team management way is very good example to others. Highly empathetic and supportive"

“worked hard and finding a solutions, examples around how someone listened to peers during tough times/ in distress without judgement.”

“Very supportive to our callers, she listens and understands their problems and will try everything possible to give them good solutions. Is very empathetic and also is very strict when it comes to work and process, has a good mixture of care and process awareness.”

"He has been an exceptional team player & his cont. strive to learn more is something I wish to learn. Being new to the sector & into a complex project like ultrapoor in interiors of jharkhand, Swapnil faced the toughest challenge to learn fast to deliver the best to the program and Swapnil delivered significantly. "

"she has done a lot of self-training on the job for new initiatives"

"Have been very active in building the Organic channel for the admissions team, and have taken up building t he referral signups structure and also is actively involved in building the collaterals for the team and has been very supportive for Marketing, Operations and product teams apart from the admissions team."

"so helpful when i was in need of and when we have doubt he use to clear and answer the phone call in the right time and help us on the doubted question and very good hearted and kind towards the work"

"She puts her 100% effect every day and achieved her daily target without miss..she is the only person to my knowledge who achieve target daily without miss"

"Has been a true team player, has led the TN team beautifully and has built a string team. When we were short of TLs in other languages has taken a mantle of leading AP and KTK teams. Was involved in training, hiring and also setup processes and has always been positive about the org and has truly followed the values of The/Nudge."

"She is very active and friendly and helps me a lot in work "

"She is the one who encouraged me to get the best in the organization. She helped me to understand the Nudge better and also supported me to make myself innovative. "

"Has always lived up to spirit of The/Nudge.
have shown support to peers pro-actively beyond her own work."

"She is very good human being and good relationship with all the team members"

"Always helps for substitution, always there to make me understand any process if i have missed out any during any team huddle."

"Supporting and encouraging all the time.and learn lot of new things."

"She is super trained and she is always support person"

" in the beginning took extra classes for grammar on demand of students to see the outcome and it was effective, came with new ideas during classroom delivery and make students more participative, always full with with new idea, I would say she has a box with new ideas, organised fun friday across nudge and brought people together, started newsletter (TNS), one of the biggest idea in motion and successfully running that"

"She is doing well in her job, she taught more to our FP students.She gives more examples to understand easily, ....she got good relationship with students."

"doing well with her job, she tought more to our FP students, Taking initiative & ownership, Many students requested want Preethi ma'amm .....she got good relationship with students."

"He is very humble and polite. Use to explain and correct the mistakes without hurting us. And the way he respects our hard work and encourage us is mind blowing. "

"Phenomenal demonstration of The/Nudge values, taking up complex tasks head on, being empathetic towards colleagues & other external stakeholders and performing exceptionally across all assignments."

"He is the eye of the storm, quiet but where most of the action is happening. He is unflappable and a quick learner -- both qualities highly needed and appreciated in the marketing dept. He was thrown into the deep end with just 1 line as his motto, every single piece of content that The/Nudge, its centers or products put out for consumption is OWNED by YOU and with this brief he went on to succesfully complete
1)the complete website revamp of and the center websites
2)our social media handles and
3) ramped up to fight the biggest content battle of ALL times - charcha 2021 -- with the easy of a samurai -- with balance, speed, maturity and precision. The website, social media, email marketing , organic outreach, co host collateral development was all handled by him not just in terms of content but also aesthetics and brand values.

He has not just hit the ground running, he has created a run way for himself and is ready to soar now. Within just 4 months of his joining, he has become an indispensable part of The/Nudge and the marketing team"

1) One of the key person to conceptualize the Indian Administrative Fellowship Program, which is the first of its kind in the country during his initial days with The/Nudge. This and the work that he has done wrt the same shows his passion as well dedication to the organisation as well as the work he does
2) Single handedly built relationships with most of the stakeholders at Government of Karnataka towards introducing The/Nudge as well as for the implementation of the Indian Administrative Fellowship Program. This showcases his strong people and partnership skills
3) His contribution towards the implementation of IAF/KA'21 as well as trying to find the next partner for IAF'22 is really huge and very evident.
4) His work with leading the Education Track during Charcha'21 showcases his collaboration as well as program management skills evidently.
5) His dedication level can again be proven with the way he comes early to office and leave late and also works during most of the weekends.

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